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Local Area Training

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I earn CEU credits for LAT training?

Siemens Healthineers is approved by ASCLS as a provider of continuing education workshops. Upon completion of the program, participants will earn 6.5 P.A.C.E.® credits for each course.

Where can I find additional information on Local Area Training?

You may type Siemens LAT in your preferred online search engine or through the following link: Click Here

Who can attend an LAT event?

The LAT program is available for accounts with unused training slots and will deliver the training in their area. These accounts will have the opportunity to send up to 3 participants per LAT event for each classroom training slot available.

For example, one classroom training slot will allow for 3 LAT courses of choice. Each course is one day in length.

  • Example A: 1 student can attend 3 LAT courses of their choice.
  • Example B: 3 students can attend 1 LAT course of their choice.
What happens to the remaining two LAT training slots if I only send one person to an LAT event?

The training slot may be used for 1 in house course or 3 LAT courses. If only 1 LAT slot is used, the 2 remaining slots may be used at a future LAT event.

What if I do not have a training slot available?

The purchase price for a 1 day LAT course is $1,050. Contact your Siemens account manager for additional details.

What instrument training is being offered at these LAT events?

Dimension, Vista, and Centaur. Training slots are interchangeable and can be used for CentraLink. Participants may choose to switch any training slot available to any product available in the LAT program.

What if I am not within close proximity to the LAT event?

On the day prior to your scheduled training class, hotel accommodations will be provided for participants driving ≥ 3 hours.

Will meals be provided?

Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the day of your scheduled training class.

Where is the LAT event schedule located?

You may type Siemens LAT in your preferred online search engine or through the following link: Click Here

When will I receive communications about LAT?

Local Area Training invitations will be mailed to your laboratory manager 90 days prior to the event in your area.

Will I be reimbursed for mileage and parking?

Parking will be validated on your scheduled training day. Transportation to and from the event will be at the participant’s expense.

How should I dress for the training?

Comfort is key; casual attire is acceptable. For your safety closed toe shoes are encouraged.