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Educational & Training Services Offered

Siemens Healthineers is dedicated to providing unparalleled education, training and solutions to help laboratories excel. We offer a wide range of educational and training services to ensure healthcare professionals are kept up-to-date on product information.

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Classroom Training

Education delivered in a traditional classroom setting at a world-class Siemens Training Center in North America, focused on providing key operators with knowledge, skills and ability to successfully operate and maintain the instrument.

Local Area Training

Localized mobile classroom training that creates a powerful experience and offers the laboratorian a comprehensive range of courses. Each training session uses a personalized and interactive approach that feels like a one-on-one hands-on workshop.

Onsite Training

Available for select products, education is delivered at a Siemens customer facility in the comfort of their own work environment.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Available for select products, instructor-lead interactive virtual education to further enhance the skills of healthcare professionals.